The Peoples Football Stadium


The Peoples Football Stadium, is located near Port Grand, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is owned by the City District Government of Karachi. It has a capacity of over 40,000.


The stadium was built in 1988, and opened on 9 December 1995. It covers an area of 10 acres (40,000 m2). In 1999, when Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto came into power, new floodlights imported from France worth PKR 30.7 million were installed, to enable evening matches to take place. The Pakistan national football team moved to the Peoples Football Stadium from the Railway Stadium in Lahore. However, when the Rangers took over and made it into their barracks, the national side was forced to move to the Punjab Stadium back in Lahore.
The stadium, hosted the South Asian Football Federation Championship in 2005 which was won by India. It also hosted all the matches in the inaugural Geo Super Football League in 2007.
HBL FC who currently compete in the Pakistan Premier League play their homegames at the Peoples Football Stadium.
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