The City School


The City School (abbreviated as TCS) is one of the largest private English medium school systems in Pakistan which operates more than 150 schools in 42 cities across Pakistan. It offers preschool, primary education, secondary education and preparation for local SSC and the international GCE. Most of its students opt to take the international GCE O and AS/A Level examinations organized by the CIE of UCLES. It also has established international projects in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Canada, Philippines and Malaysia. The City School and its subsidiaries are usually attended by the children of the most influential, elitist, and affluent families of Pakistan.
It is one of the oldest and most well reputed private school in Pakistan.
The head office of The City School is located in Lahore, administering the system through four main regional offices: Southern Regional Office (SRO), which caters to Sindh (only Karachi) and Balochistan; Central Regional Office (CRO) Lahore, which oversees 80% of Southern Punjab; Northern Regional Office (NRO), which looks after the rest of Northern Pakistan; and Mehran Regional Office (MRO), which caters to interior Sindh (Sukkur, Larkana and Hyderabad).[1]
The City School system, in collaboration with various other national institutions, formed The City APIIT. Established in 1978, the school's courses are modeled on those of British schools.
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