List of Banks in Pakistan


Banking in Pakistan first formally started in Pakistan during the period of British colonialism in the South Asia. After independence from British Raj in 1947, and the emergence of Pakistan as a country in the globe, the scope of banking in Pakistan has not been increasing and expanding continuously, as because of lacking some financial problems and Robbery in accounts especially in the National Bank Of Pakistan. Pakistan's oldest bank is the State Bank of Pakistan, which is also the central bank of the nation. Before independence on August 14, 1947, the Reserve Bank of India was the central bank of what is now Pakistan. After independence, Muhammad Ali Jinnah took actions to establish a central bank in Pakistan which resulted in the new founding of the State bank of Pakistan, with its headquarters to be based in Karachi. Only 7% of the population uses the banks, has tremendous potential but this needs to be pushed a little further

Nationalized scheduled banks

Specialized banks[edit source | editbeta]

Card issuers

Commercial banks

Development Finance Institutions

Foreign Banks

Islamic banks

Microfinance banks

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